Community Cinemas

The core of the Au Contraire Film Festival is to share film experiences with other community organizations

within the mental health and addiction services continuum. We cooperatively curate and distribute particular on-line or on-demand screenings that enable participating partners. ACFF strives to entertain and educate its supporters as well as, fundraise for their specific cause.

RACOR, Chabad Lifeline, The Schizophrenia Association of Quebec and “What Connects Us” a Dementia Community Investment Project.

Press HERE for program information.


*These films will entertain and educate by highlighting a variety of situations that might be common to some people but are a trigger or source of anxiety for others. If so, we encourage you to identify a supportive resource – this can be a friend, a cozy sweatshirt, or a healthcare professional.

Like all good films, we are certain that the overall viewing experience will be a source of more meaningful discussions.