ACFF Digital Edition


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October 5-23, 2020

This year’s special ACFF digital edition, which coincides with Mental Illness Awareness Week, will reach audiences across Montreal and around the globe with a unique lineup of films that offer unparalleled perspectives on mental health issues.

Thanks to our ACFF Sponsors, a program of more than 20 jury-selected films from 9 countries, chosen from over 250 international submissions has been made available free to the public.

You can easily register to our Online Film Platform and access our film collection in less than one minute (no credit or personal information is required, only a valid email account). Press HERE to download a document to guide you through registration.

Press HERE for program information.


*These films will entertain and educate by highlighting a variety of situations that might be common to some people but are a trigger or source of anxiety for others. If so, we encourage you to identify a supportive resource – this can be a friend, a cozy sweatshirt, or a healthcare professional.

Like all good films, we are certain that the overall viewing experience will be a source of more meaningful discussions.